Confessions from the drawing board

“I favour images depicting conflict, humour, and/or spiritual overtones.”
These images are created in a variety of mediums oil & acrylic paints, watercolours, pencils, ink, clay, stone, digital rendering, photography and print making.

I don’t do a lot of talking so there is very little to read on my site but I’m told that I need to talk more so I’m going to make an attempt to find topics that I feel I can contribute to.

For the last year I’ve been sidelined in my art and photography even my ability to write and type because of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome affecting both my hands. I haven’t recovered completely but I am painting and drawing again.

In August of 2018 my wife and I decided that we were tired of living in a large city and we decided to move from Vancouver to the BC interior. In November of 2018 we bought a house in Chilliwack, BC not too far from the big city but far enough. We found a three story house on the side of a mountain with a view that exceeded our expectations and in mid December we moved in.

Sunset from studio.

In March of 2019 we hired a contractor and built a new studio on the first floor for me to work in. I moved into my new space during the first week of July. It took a while for me to set-up and get used to the new space but it didn’t take to long.

The view is fantastic and inspiring, and living on the side of a mountain brings with it some perks, we have eagles and raven’s flying within a few feet of our balconies daily, I watched a doe and her fawn pass by my studio balcony and there was a bear, I didn’t see him but I am much more alert on those early morning walks than I used to be.

Eagle from studio.

Being in a more rural community directly inspired my new series of drawings and paintings of horses. I’ve created images of horses in the past but this is a much more focused endeavor comprised so far of 106 drawings and 21 acrylic paintings since late February 2019. I’ve presented a few of these in my Painting Gallery 2008-2018 and Drawing Gallery 2003-2019.

Sunset from studio.

Has a photographer I’m in love with the view that I’ve been gifted with. Day to day I’m presented with a subject that that I need only walk out on a balcony to capture. Sun, rain, fog, mountains, clouds, assorted wildlife it truly is a photographers dream and I have been taking advantage of it.
So there it is an update on what I’ve been doing and what I’ve been working on.

In the future I hope to expand my content with tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the last 42 years as an artist/photographer/graphic designer and perhaps I will manage to make it interesting, time will tell.