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About ddd

b.1954 Metis Artist, Photographer and Print-maker

New Work 2014-2018


Polaroid Gallery

The polaroid mages in this gallery are available as limited edition Giclée prints on acid free/rag papers. A number of the original Polaroid SX70 images are also available framed these images can be viewed through an e-mail request.

Photo Gallery I

I have been taking photos for over 40 years professionally and creatively. I’m an artist with a camera so I treat it as any other medium in my studio, to create images. In some cases these images have been enhanced with basic Photoshop retouching tools and some have had more extensive work done on them […]

Confessions from the drawing board

“I favour images depicting conflict, humour, and/or spiritual overtones.” These images are created in a variety of mediums oil & acrylic paints, watercolours, pencils, ink, clay, stone, digital rendering, photography and print making.

Print Gallery

    All prints are produced with inks and papers designed to assure a high quality archival art print. Coloured digital prints are printed with high quality archival inks on 8 to 12 colour inkjet printers designed and modeled to produce high quality digital art prints. Definitions:  Giclée, Lino-cut, Serigraphs, Woodcuts, and Mono-prints. All prints […]

Drawing Gallery 1988-2013

Drawings occupy a large amount of my output, I love to draw and I do it frequently. I’ve always believed that drawing is the most important part of an artists skill. For me it’s meditative state a chance for me to be absorb my thoughts and direct my focus on the images that run through […]