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About Daulby

b.1954 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Métis Artist, Photographer and Print-maker

Photo Gallery 3

I love Hummingbirds they are a fascinating little bird. There were 3 of them attracted to the feeder I put out they did not get along well but they continued to feed and chase each other away while I sat 5 feet away and took picture it was a fun and rewarding summer.

Drawing 2003-2019

Photo Gallery I

I have been taking photos for over 40 years professionally and creatively. I’m an artist with a camera so I treat it as any other medium in my studio, to create images. Some images have been enhanced with basic Photoshop retouching tools and some have had more extensive work done on them in order to […]

Confessions from the drawing board

“I favour images depicting conflict, humour, and/or spiritual overtones.”These images are created in a variety of mediums oil & acrylic paints, watercolours, pencils, ink, clay, stone, digital rendering, photography and print making. ∼ I don’t do a lot of talking so there is very little to read on my site but I’m told that I […]