Photo Gallery I

The Photo Gallery contains images that in some cases have been enhanced with basic photo retouching tools, such as cropping, tonal adjustment, colour enhancements, sharpening etc. A number of images are also available as limited edition, signed prints.

Confessions from the drawing board

“I favour images depicting conflict, humour, and/or spiritual overtones.” These images are created in a variety of mediums such as oil paints, watercolours, pencils, ink, clay, stone, digital rendering, photography and print making.

iPad Gallery

I use a couple of apps on the iPad for drawing my favorite go to app is Procreate. Most of the images in this gallery are created with Procreate but not all of them.  

Confessions from the drawing board

Creating art is my best friend and my worst enemy. I love it and at the same time I hate it, but I cannot imagine my life without it. ————————————– I built this site to showcase my work, my goal is to present a journey that has spanned over five decades. It’s a creative journey […]

Print Gallery

Most of the images in this Gallery were created directly for print imaging. For some of the images there is no existing original. The print technigues used vary, Giclée, Linocut, Serigraphy, Woodcut, and Monoprinting. All prints are produced on high-grade archival papers. Digital prints are printed with inks, paper and printers specially developed to produce […]

Drawing Gallery

Drawings occupy a large amount of my output, I love to draw and I do it frequently. I’ve always believed that drawing is the most important part of an artists skill. For me it’s a meditative state a chance for me to be absorbed by my thoughts and directed by my imagination it’s an exhilarating […]

Painting Gallery I